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National Homebuyers Fund, Inc. (NHF) is a non-profit public benefit corporation established in 2002 to stimulate and expand homeownership opportunities nationwide.

NHF is a proven champion for affordable and responsible homeownership, having helped more than 38,100 individuals or families purchase a home and providing more than $322.6 million in down payment assistance. (115 Document)

NHF models its homeownership programs around affordability and flexibility. Through its multi-state single-family financing program, NHF provides affordable interest rates and Down Payment Assistance (DPA) for both returning and first-time homebuyers. Various options/levels of assistance are available to meet each household's specific needs.

NHF also manages Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) and Energy Efficiency Financing programs available in California.


Making a Difference

From January 2002 to the present time, NHF has:

  • Assisted 38,100 households to purchase homes;
  • Gifted more than $244 million in down payment
    assistance grants;
  • Provided $78.6 million in down payment assistance
    second mortgages; and
  • Participated in over $7 billion in loan financing
    of first and second mortgages.
  • Data current as of 07/12/2018.


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NHF is not a direct lender. Programs are made available to potential homebuyers through a network of qualified Participating Lenders. These lenders provide potential borrowers with loan applications, applicable fees and APRs.