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Most common questions from mortgage professionals


The following information explains in more detail some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we hear from mortgage professionals interested in participating in NHF homeownership programs.

If you have questions not addressed below, please Contact Us.


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1. Who uses the NHF web site?

The NHF web site is intended for use by mortgage professionals who are currently, or potentially will be, participating in any of our housing programs.

2. How does a homebuyer apply for one of the NHF homebuyer programs?

Loan or program applications are acquired directly from Participating Lenders. Participating Lenders are also responsible for providing potential homebuyers with applicable fees, interest rates and APRs. NHF is not a direct lender and does not provide nor accept loan applications to or from potential borrowers.

If you are a homebuyer or homeowner interested in one of our programs, Contact Us for a referral to a Participating Lender who can answer questions and guide you through the process.

3. How does one become a Participating Lender?

Each program has different participation requirements and documentation, as determined by the agency or entity responsible for the funding, the servicer and/or NHF.

View the" Participant Guide" for the program of interest for full details on Lender Participation. See Program Index.

4. What type of training is offered and how do we sign up?

Training / Education provided by NHF is intended for mortgage professionals only. The most common format we utilize is an online webinar format, where one registers for the online class ahead of time (pre-registration), and then joins the class via the internet and a teleconference line at the scheduled time.

Go to Training Schedule.

5. How do I get access to the Online Reservation System?

Each Participating Lender authorizes specific internal personnel with access to the Online Reservation System. Usually this is done at the initial setup and approval of the Participating Lender.

Please inquire internally with your branch or operations manager to find out what your internal process is for reserving loans and who may already be setup with access to the Online Reservation System.

If you still need assistance with whom to contact at your office, or if additional authorizations are necessary,
Contact Us.

6. Where can I find the program guidelines, documentation requirements, etc.?

Program guidelines are found in the "Participant Guide" for each program. Guidelines are updated as changes occur, so it is important for Lenders to refer to the NHF web site to access current guidelines.

Go to Program Index.

7. Who should I contact with underwriting questions not covered in the program guidelines?

NHF does not make underwriting decisions outside of the published program guidelines. Underwriting questions should be directed to your internal underwriting department, program servicer and mortgage insurance provider, if applicable.


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