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Pre-designed Literature

Maximize your time and resources by utilizing pre-designed marketing literature templates provided by NHF. The literature templates below are grouped by the specific Program. Some materials are provided in multiple languages. Literature may not be available for all programs.

Note: Marketing collateral is setup with one or more embedded text fields for business partners to input contact information prior to printing. These are text only fields.

Use the links below to view, download, and print the PDF files.

NHF Sapphire®

NHF does not currently provided pre-designed literature for this program. However, our business partners are encouraged to create their own literature and other marketing.

See NHF Marketing Guidelines for information on co-marketing and use of the NHF logo.

GSFA-Sponsored Programs

  • Marketing Literature templates for GSFA-sponsored programs are located on the GSFA website.
  • Click here to be directed to the downloadable templates.



NHF Marketing Guidelines

Our Lenders and business partners are welcome to create their own literature or marketing materials, including website and social media content.

NHF provides Marketing Guidelines for business partners advertising and promoting NHF-managed housing programs.. Guidelines concerning co-marketing and logo requests are provided in our marketing guidelines, as well as important disclaimer information that should be included in all marketing.

If you have any questions concerning the NHF Marketing Guidelines, please Contact Us.