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What is a Mortgage credit certificate (MCC)?

An MCC is an IRS tax credit that reduces the federal tax liability of a qualified borrower thus having the effect of subsidizing the monthly mortgage payment.


The advantages of an MCC are two-fold:

  1. The MCC entitles the qualified borrower to take a federal income tax credit. The tax credit is based on the mortgage interest paid annually. The MCC is registered with the IRS, and is effective year after year, as long as the homeowner resides in the home and continues to pay mortgage interest on the initial loan. In some cases the borrower can apply for a re-issuance of the MCC in the event of a refinance, to continue to take advantage of the MCC tax credit.

  2. Because the MCC reduces the borrower's federal income taxes and increases his/her net earnings, it can help the borrower qualify for the initial loan also.


Key features at a Glance*

  1. Provides for a federal income tax credit.
  2. Tax credit can be taken year after year.
  3. Anticipated tax credit can help homebuyer's qualify for initial mortgage loan.

* The information provided on this page contains general highlights only. All NHF programs have eligibility requirements and other guidelines. See the Program Index for details.



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