Supporting Affordable Homeownership


Providing and managing financial assistance programs for homebuyers and homeowners


NHF's focus on supporting and preserving affordable homeownership
grows out of the significant benefits of homeownership to families and individuals
and the cities, counties and communities in which they live.

Thousands of families and individuals who can qualify for a mortgage loan may still need assistance to reach the dream of homeownership. NHF strives to meet the needs of today's homebuyers through the development and management of various housing programs. Each program offers a unique source of assistance, whether that is down payment and/or closing cost assistance, or possibly a tax credit through a Mortgage Credit Certificate.

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Over 23,500 homebuyers helped

  • NHF has helped more than 23,500 individuals or families to purchase a home and provided more than $121.2 million in down payment assistance grants. More…
  • Programs are made available to potential homebuyers through a network of qualified lenders and energy efficiency contractors.
  • Visit our Program Index for program descriptions, program guidelines, participation requirements and more.